Our focus is on helping  Leadership Embed a Continuous Improvement Culture and help Leadership Drive Performance by eliminating waste, reducing costs and empowering the team

At All 3 Circles, we are passionate about :



• Eliminating waste, reducing costs and delivering value for money for stakeholders and customers.


• Helping organisations realise their full potential in order to protect the long term security of their employees.

• Operational Excellence, through the eyes of the Customer, the Employees and the Company Stakeholders are Mission Critical to this.

• We truly believe that deploying “All 3 Circles” is the best way of achieving this goal.

Our Services  - What we do

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Eliminating waste and reducing costs

Embedding a Continuous Improvement Culture

Leadership, Embedding a Continuous Improvement Culture

Leadership, Embedding a Continuous Improvement Culture

We help Leaders to develop an awareness and understanding of the Continuous Improvement tools, methodology, cultural framework and opportunity. Training and then Coaching the leaders throughout the process, enables enhanced understanding and greater commitment.


The more we do this, the more this becomes embedded into the DNA of the Business.

Leadership Driving Performance

Leadership Driving Performance

By the effective use of Policy Deployment, the Continuous Improvement activities start to improve the Organisation’s Driver Measures, which in turn improve the Results Measures leading to increased Customer, Employee and Stakeholder Satisfaction.


Online & Telephone Support

Customer access to our wide range of Online Resources.

Sensei support – a range of different packages to meet your needs are now available. Our team will be able to respond quickly to any queries, questions, technical discussions or general guidance on all Operational Excellence topics, as well as support regular coaching sessions.

We will shortly be offering a range of Online Training Classes covering all aspects of Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence and Materials and Supply Chain Management. This will include a comprehensive database of downloadable content.



ADS Competitiveness and Growth and NMCL Automotive Programmes

All 3 Circles have been approved as a knowledge provider  to supply  training, coaching and mentoring services for the Aerospace SC21 Competitiveness and Growth and the NMCL Automotive Programmes. We look forward to supporting  both programmes as they start to gather momentum.

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Our Lean Sensei are seasoned Continuous Improvement Zealots who are passionate about everything Lean.


We have the knowledge and experience  of many years leading, coaching, facilitating and implementing Lean in multiple businesses all at very different stages in the  Lean Journey.

We are best suited to stand outside your organization, which allows our Lean Sensei be objective, focus on facts and not opinion and help make improvements without the influence  of politics and personalities.


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