Our Lean Consultants are seasoned Continuous Improvement Zealots who are passionate about everything Lean.


We have the knowledge and experience  of many years leading, coaching, facilitating and implementing Lean in multiple businesses all at very different stages in the  Lean Journey.

We are best suited to stand outside your organization, which allows our Lean Consultants to be objective, focus on facts, not opinion and help make improvements without the influence of politics and personalities.

Our Approach - 3 Circles

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Our Team

Matthew Lee
Martin Image.png
Martin Latham

Matthew has a career with over 20 years experience driving change and improvement in a number of Aerospace, Defence, Energy, Medical and Gaming Companies delivering multi-million dollar saving benefits direct to the bottom line.



Matthew’s areas of expertise lie in Operations, Continuous Improvement, Supply Chain  and Strategic Sourcing. Matthew has built a strong reputation as a high impact leader and facilitator in global and complex environments. Matthew  has  a proven skill set in Strategic Planning and Global Strategic Sourcing in addition to his Operations and Supply Chain skill sets.



Greg Peters
Senior Advisor

Martin has a career with over 30 years experience driving change and improvement in a number of Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Energy, Medical and Gaming Companies developing sustained improvement cultures with clear linkage to financial and operational performance improvement. 


Martin is a highly seasoned Continuous Improvement Leader who’s main areas of focus are Leadership and Culture and Change Management. Through his work, Martin is recognised as a highly effective Lean Sensei and Coach  who has a proven track record in helping teams achieve challenging objectives in a change environment.

Greg considers it a gift to be able to support the All 3 Circles Team as senior advisor. Greg has a rich and fruitful career at very senior positions in the Aerospace and Defence organisations. Greg has led large scale, enterprise wide transformations and their legacies still stand today. Greg is highly regarded and respected by his peers as an inspirational leader of Continuous Improvement, Leadership and Cultural Development.

Sara Phipps.png
Sara Phipps

Sara has a career of over 20 years in the Automotive and Medical Industries. Her roles have included in Operations and Functional Leadership positions as well as in Continuous Improvement. She is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer.


Sara’s area of expertise are in Operations, Business Processes, Continuous Improvement and Logistics and Supply Chain. Sara has fine tuned these skills in Leadership & Operational roles and is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer